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Edentech’s developers and project managers have been building software for years. From VAX/VMS to modern technologies like NodeJS, we have a broad range of experience and apply it to each and every system we build






We take the time to analyze not just your project needs, but also your business in order to come up with a winning solution. We will always recommend what is in your best interest. Sometimes that means we win the job, and sometimes that means that we simply make an honest recommendation as to what will work best for you.


At Edentech, we believe in transparency and strong communication. Using Edentech for your project means that you’ll get to work with everyone on our team, from developers to the owners of the company. Nothing is a black box in your project.





For over 2 decades the Principals, the Developers, the Architects, and the Programmers that work for Edentech today have been building and implementing custom software applications specifically focused on achieving significant and unique business objectives.  In that time frame, the platforms, operating systems, development tools and languages have all changed.  The knowledge we’ve acquired in that time can now be directed in the current day environment to develop custom software that is more efficient and effective than ever before, completed in shortened project cycles, to produce results that are far more effectively in meeting your business goals.  Edentech, the company, is a relatively new business!  But the business Edentech engages in is not new to any of our personnel.  In fact, we average well over 10 years of experience on average in the field of custom application development, and in some cases we have experience that exceeds 30 years in the Information Technology software and services industry.  So, for Custom Software Development utilizing the latest tools and methodologies, developed and implemented by experienced technicians and business analysts, Edentech is your answer!...

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For the business client seeking a solution to a specific business problem, Edentech will engage you on a project basis where we can be very specific in terms of timing and investment. We do so using a rapid deployment methodology that allows you to determine up front how much functionality will be included and what the investment will be. 

For the integrator or reseller, Edentech has a program of delivery specifically for you. We call it our Value Proposition to Resellers. It’s not just a project plan or methodology, but a standard for the code of conduct during and after the engineering of your solutions.

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While development projects are the “heart” of our business, the software products we develop are the “soul.” They are the spirit that drives us. It is in these products that we find the solution to so many business problems and challenges, and thus the opportunities that only innovation affords us to capture.

Thousands of customers depend on Edentech’s health care products every day. From compliance to logistics management to patient care, our products can help streamline your operations.

Edentech offers information technology-related professional services designed and tailored for health care marketplaces. We have resources with deep experience in each of the health care marketplaces including Acute, Post-Acute, and Medical Practices.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization better use, procure, replace, or integrate your information technology.

We realize that growth requires us to bond with other firms and individuals that bring specialized expertise to our team. We carefully select and agree with these partners to offer a unified product or service.

We have existing partner relationships with firms and individuals that specialize in a wide range of technology related services for Healthcare and beyond.


About Us

Matt brings the architectural experience to craft new applications on modern platforms in the most efficient methods available today. Matt has held senior level Architect and Developer roles in both smaller and  large organizations dependent on having state of the art web based applications. And of course, Matt is tuned into the latest engineering developments on mobile platforms.




Lou adds the entrepreneurial experience to Edentech, having founded 2 prior technology businesses, and playing a significant management role in at least 2 others. Lou has been a Senior Level Executive Consultant and Business Leader who advises several clients on utilizing and leveraging Information Technology and Systems to obtain Business Objectives.


        Matt Mondok

Lou Liberio


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